Many volleyball club players are about to begin their school season. No doubt you are already starting to feel the muscle strain and fatigue from intense workouts, camps, clinics, and tournaments you’ve had over the last few months.  The great news is, because you’ve been consistently playing over the summer, you are identifying areas of physical and mental improvement that you need in order to take your performance to the next level.

Pre-CLUB season is the perfect time to build athleticism and work on jump training even if you are still actively playing in a school sport.  By working on specific skills that improve agility, develop power and build strength, you can focus on areas you want to improve while conditioning your body to handle the demands on your body – especially to prevent injury that could affect your overall performance.

A high performance student athlete is constantly thinking of ways to prepare so you can be the best Volleyball player you want to be. Does that sound like you?

At South Texas Volleyball Academy, we feel that an intense VertiMax workout is the best approach to drastically improve skills that will translate to your game on the court.  MaxxFIT Training Center, located at STVA’s club facility, is now offering an Off-Season Volleyball Bootcamp that combines strength and conditioning with Vertimax exercises, two nights a week. During training, you’ll drill down on areas of improvement and focus on results so you maXimize your club season.

This camp covers volleyball specific skills needed for the court to prepare you for a more competitive season. If you want to:

  • Increase eXplosive power
  • Increase force production of your arms and legs
  • Improve agility and speed
  • Build vertical jump power and better landing control

Then, VertiMax is your best choice. It provides one of the best volleyball training workouts to improve vertical jump, speed, agility and control that are eXtremely important for all volleyball players.

Being able to jump higher is a huge advantage on the court, no matter your height, and on both the offensive and defensive sides of the net.  Besides vertical jump exercises on the VertiMax V8 platform, there are many volleyball speed and agility drills available as an extension off the platform that can take a volleyball player to the next level with quickness on the court and overall fitness.

The VertiMax Raptor allows your volleyball training program to be portable.  See the video  Why VertiMax is the best Volleyball Training Equipment to increase jump and defense skills.


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